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Auger Long 600mm Drill Bits


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Auger Long 600mm Drill BitsAuger Long 600mm Drill BitsAuger Long 600mm Drill Bits
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Auger Long 600mm Drill Bits

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This 4 piece Auger long 600mm drill bit set can make life a lot easier and is just what you need when installing one of our best selling Zip Wire Kits for use with trees. These drill bits which are made from Hardened Carbon Steel are sold as a set of 4 bits and come in an 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 24mm size.

When drilling through your tree, we suggest starting with the small 8mm bit first making a good pilot hole to begin with. Once this pilot hole has been made, then upsize your drill bit to either the 16mm or 24 mm bit to enlarge the hole through which your wire will pass.

Auger Long 600mm Drill Bit Specification:

* Extra Long - 600mm (2' 0")
* 4 Sizes - 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 24mm
* Hardened Carbon Steel
* Hexagonal Shank
* Fine Pitch Spiral Point for fast drilling
* Guaranteed

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