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Replacement Cable for Junior Zip Wire


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Replacement Cable for Junior Zip WireReplacement Cable for Junior Zip Wire
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Replacement Cable for Junior Zip Wire


Looking to replace the wire on your Junior zip wire? Well now you can.

The replacement wire is not to be used to extend an existing zip wire run and is sold as a replacement for already damaged wire. Your wire could be damaged if you decide to move the junior zip wire to another place and the wire has dents in it where previous wire grips have been used. If you try using the wire with these dents in it, then you will find that the trolley will not run correctly and you could end up also damaging the internal wheels. If this is the case you should consider replacing the wire.

This 30m of 4mm stranded wire is sold as a replacement for use with the Junior zip wire (plastic wheels) only.

* 4mm wire
* 30m of replacement wire
* Plain on both ends

Delivery normally takes approx 3 - 5 working days as this is made to order, cut and despatched directly to you from our UK manufacturer.

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