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Replacement Wheels for Junior Zip Wire


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Replacement Wheels for Junior Zip WireReplacement Wheels for Junior Zip WireReplacement Wheels for Junior Zip Wire
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Replacement Wheels for Junior Zip Wire

Price per Pair:39.99

Need some replacement wheels for your Junior Zip Wire?

This pair of replacement wheels will fit the old styley 4mm '2 Ride' junior zip wire (Please check make before ordering) and are very easy to replace.

Wheel Dimms:
Dia: 50 mm
Width: 10 mm

One of the reasons that your wheels will need replacing is that the wire could of cut the lip of the wheels because of being misaligned before going onto the wheels. This can be caused by the Wire Guards being cut by the wire.

What causes the wire guards to cut and therefore misalign the wire on the wheels - well this can be caused by a number of things including being well used, the zip wire being used on a slope, the weight of the children using the junior zip wire and possible swinging of the zip wire while in use.

If you find yourself having to replace these wheels, we STRONGLY recommend that at the same time you replace the wire guards for your junior zip wire as well.

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