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Rules for Quoits

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Basic Rules for playing Garden Quoits:

As with many games there are many different sets of rules for games depending on the location of country and region of where the game is to be played.

The following rules are very simple rules for garden quoits:

First decide by flipping a coin which team or individual takes the first throw.

Then decide where your starting point and scoring (landing) points are going to be. This can be any distance between the two ends provided that either players or team captains agree. Please remember that if children are playing to make sure that the distance between the two ends is suitable for their throwing powers.

Then agree on how the winner will be decided. This can be either by the total number of points scored after an equal number of throws. The highest score being the winner. Or the winner can be decided by the first player to reach a certain score.

Each player has 4 quoits to throw at the scoring area. After throwing all 4 quoits, add up any score that has been made by having a quoit thrown over the peg.

This is then added to the individuals or team total.

The winner is the first player or team to reach the agreed winning point (as above)

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