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Standard Playing Mat


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Standard Playing Mat Standard Playing Mat
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Standard Playing Mat


This Nylon Garden Chess or Garden Draughts board is so easy to use. Simply unroll and start to use and when you are finished, roll backup and put away.

Remember because this standard playing mat is so easy use and store, it allows you to take the game with you wherever you want to, so if you are visiting friends or going to the beach, simply roll up this board, pack either the chess or draught pieces and then take the whole game with you.

Standard Playing Mat Specification:

Nylon Playing Mat
Overall size: 138cm x 138cm (4' 6" x 4' 6")
Each square measures: 17cm x 17cm (6¾" x 6¾")

This simple to use and store Nylon playing mat makes for an easy, portable and perfect playing surface to be used with your Garden Chess Pieces or your Garden Draught Pieces.

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